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Hello! We're Kirk & Deby Dearman, pioneers in worship and the arts. Our music is contemplative, ethereal and poetic. We are songwriters and feature Kirk's piano instrumentals. This VIP Circle is not about buying music, but about being a part of our international community. Most importantly, it's about supporting our efforts to bring a little beauty into the world. Thank you for helping us continue to create music and art and encourage fellow artists along the way.

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Kirk & Deby Dearman
Nashville, Tennessee
Contemplative worship music with ethereal, poetic influences, combined with ancient prayers and texts, creating a healing sound. AncientFuture music.

The Dearmans lived in Europe for seven years where they co-founded a performing arts troupe that toured cathedrals with their music.

Kirk & Deby are songwriters, artists, who teach, speak and encourage other artists.

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